Is the millennial driven canned wine trend here to stay? You be the judge.

It is no surprised that canned wine is the new trend. Millennials are the trend setters here and they are not invested in the old way of doing things. They are as individual as they come.

Everything we see as a new invention now-a-days is an evolution of tastes from each prior generation, so although millennials are the driving force for the popularity of canned wine, the retailers are inudated by people of all generations buying canned wine. All are enjoying the benefits of the new container which are basically the convenient and the economical price point.

Retailers cannot keep it on their shelves:

Does canned wine have a metal flavor?

No. Like various other items marketed in a container (beer, soft drink, etc) the canned wine tasted didn’t have a metallic taste. Some producers use lined aluminum canisters and also others do not. Again, this choice didn’t appear to influence the taste in either instance. There was, however, a big distinction in the taste based upon just how it was served-up.

Here are some serving tips:

Serve them chilled: All the wines we tasted were better chilled, even the reds. Better served in a glass: Wines aroma profiles are greatly improved served from a glass. Camping wine: Try Govino glasses or other unbreakable wine glasses.

Should you age canned wines?

It is not recommended to age canned wines.


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